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Catawba Island brewing special beer for Burning Snowman

1 hour 35 min ago

Catawba Island Brewing Co. is making a special beer for the Burning Snowman 2015 music festival Feb. 28 in Port Clinton.

Brewer Matt Ritter planned to make a doppelbock, but he said he ran out of time to create a lager. So, he's using an ale yeast with the doppelbock recipe and said it will be "a doppelbock ale-ish beer." He's brewing it today. (Jan. 27)

"It's going to be very malt forward," he said. "If I was to describe it, it's a more drinkable barley wine or Scottish wee heavy with a cleaner finish."

The beer is expected to be 7 or 7.5 percent alcohol by volume.

Burning Snowman 2015, which begins at noon and runs until midnight, will be held at Lagoon Saloon on Nugent’s Canal. The event will feature live music by Dragon Wagon, The Naked Bacon Band and others, hot tubs, food and the burning of a giant paper snowman. The burning takes place at 7 p.m.

"A group of us were tossing around ideas on how to bring people back to this tourism haven along the shores of Lake Erie, and came up with this music festival built around saying goodbye to winter,” Tricia O’Connor, one of the organizers, said in a prepared statement. “What says fun like a giant snowman on fire?”

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Lager Heads shooting for March opening

3 hours 35 min ago

Lager Heads Brewing Co. is getting closer to opening its new production brewery and tasting room just off the downtown square in Medina.

Co-owner Matt Keine says they hope to be brewing within a week or so at the new location, with the tasting room opening to the public sometime in March. Lager Heads has operated as a small brewpub for years just north of Medina. The brewing equipment was relocated from the brewpub to the new site. The restaurant, which specializes in barbecue, will remain.

"We finally ran out of space and couldn't step on each other anymore," Keine said about the need for a new site for the brewery.

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RateBeer names Hoppin' Frog best brewery in Ohio

Mon, 01/26/2015 - 9:53am

RateBeer continues to adore Hoppin’ Frog Brewery. The website, which analyzes beer reviews each year and hands out annual Best awards, has named the Akron brewery the top brewer in Ohio for the third year in a row.

“I’m forever amazed and delighted,” Hoppin’ Frog owner and brewer Fred Karm said. “It’s funny I make these beers primarily for me and people love them to death. I feel I’m extremely lucky.”

The website is in the midst of announcing its awards, which include top breweries, beers and new brewers. RateBeer Executive Director Joe Tucker considers the competition the largest in the world, notingt hat more than 300,000 beers from 18,500 breweries were reviewed.

Hoppin' Frog has held the No. 1 position in Ohio since 2013 when RateBeer started picking a best brewery by state.

In addition to garnering the top spot in the Buckeye State, Hoppin’ Frog’s B.O.R.I.S. the Crusher Imperial-Oatmeal Stout was named the best beer, reclaiming its position from 2013. Last year, Hoppin' Frog D.O.R.I.S. the Destroyer was No. 1. In other words, Hoppin' Frog has been sweeping the best brewer and best beer awards in Ohio.

Warped Wing Brewing Co. in Dayton was selected as the best new brewer in the state.

“We’re honored and flattered,” Warped Wing co-founder Joe Waizmann told the Dayton Daily News.

Here’s quick look at other honors in Ohio:

Best brewpub: Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery in Athens.

Best restaurant: Brews Cafe in Granville.

Best brewery taproom: Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati. Rhinegeist won the best new brewer award last year.

Best bottle shop: Vintage Estate Wine and Beer in Boardman. Vintage Estate also took home the honor of being named one of the best bottle shops in the world.

Best grocery: Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield. Jungle Jim’s also was rated as one of the best groceries in the world.

Best bar: La Cave Du Vin in Cleveland Heights.

There are several awards that have yet to be announced, including "Best Beer, Brewer, New Brewer by Country." To see the full list, click here.

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Beer story sampler

Mon, 01/26/2015 - 8:50am

Here are some interesting beer stories:

-- The website Cincy Beer Events reports on Arnold's Bar and Grill pairing art and beer during Cincinnati Beer Week, which kicks off Feb. 13. "Arnold’s Bar & Grill, the historic downtown bar that has been in continuous operation since 1861, is using their deep connections with the art and beer world to mix the two for a series of unique one of a kind events — merging art and beer that will have beer geeks, breweriana collectors and art aficionados foaming at the mouth (and frame)," Chris Stevens writes. To read the full report, click here.

-- Pat's Pints reports on the opening of the Wolf's Ridge tasting room in Columbus. The brewery had 20 beers on draft for opening night. To read the full story, click here.

-- Ohio Magazine reports on the craft beer industry in the state. The magazine profiles Rockmill, Father John's, Platform, Weasel Boy, Columbus, Yellow Springs, Rhinegeist, Marietta and Hoppin' Frog. To read the full story, click here.

-- WCPO reports on a new session beer from Rhinegeist Brewery that's raising money for the family of a former Cincinnati police officer who died from a stroke. The beer is called S23, which is a tribute to Sgt. Eric Sierra's badge number. To read the full story, click here.

-- NPR reports on how brewers are using wild yeast for their wild creations. "Every brewery in the world sees [wild yeasts] as beer spoilers," Allagash brewer Jason Perkins says. To read the full story, click here.

-- Quartz reports that Carlsberg is developing a cardboard beer bottle. The site says the Green Fiber Bottle will be made from sustainably sourced wood fiber or paper pulp — think of the material used in egg cartons and protective packaging for electronics products — and will be much lighter than glass bottles, according to the company’s Senior Packaging Innovation Manager, Håkon Langen. To read the full story, click here.

-- The Yakima Herald reports that hop growers produced their largest hop crop in five years. “The hop acreage increased by 10 percent in 2014, but the craft beer industry grew by 20 percent,” Douglas MacKinnon, chief executive officer of 47 Hops, says. “Growers worldwide can’t plant hops fast enough to keep up with demand.” To read the full story, click here.

-- The Suffolk Free Press reports that an English barbershop is offering beer with a haircut. “People work really hard and often guys don’t treat themselves enough," Men's Den owner Sam Hearndon says. "They can come in here, relax and have a beer.” To read the full story, click here.

-- The Oregonian reports on Anheuser-Busch InBev buying Seattle's Elysian Brewing Co. "After a lot of hard work, we've grown from one Seattle brewpub to four pub locations and a production brewery," Elysian CEO Joe Bisacca says. "With the support of Anheuser-Busch, we will build on past successes and share our beers with more beer lovers moving forward." To read the full story, click here.

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Second Great Lakes-themed bar opening at Akron-Canton Airport

Fri, 01/23/2015 - 3:52pm

The Akron-Canton Airport will soon feature not one, but two Great Lakes Brewing Co.-themed bar/restaurants.

The airport, located in Green between Akron and Canton, announced that a second Great Lakes-themed site will open Saturday (Jan. 24) in the lower level gate hold area. The bar/ restaurant will be operated by MSE Branded Foods of Atlanta and is located near the American/ U.S. Airways and Delta Air Lines gates.

"We love featuring successful local brands at CAK," President and CEO Rick McQueen said in a prepared statement. "Great Lakes products are very popular with our customers, so we are very excited about opening this second location in our lower level gate concourse. I’d like to thank Great Lakes and MSE for serving our customers with high-quality food and beverage options. It makes CAK a better way to go."

Jack Hough, president and chief executive officer of MSE Branded Foods, said: “Our first Great Lakes Brewing location in the Southwest Airlines gate concourse is very popular, so we wanted to extend that experience to Delta and American/ US Airways customers, too.”

The menu will feature breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes, including breakfast burritos, smoked sausage croissants, garden spring rolls, prepared salads, 100 percent ground beef burgers and pizza. The bar will offer a rotating selection of Great Lakes draft beers such as Dortmunder Gold, Burning River, Eliot Ness, Commodore Perry IPA, and Edmund Fitzgerald. Domestic/imported beers and wine also will be available.

There's also a Great Lakes-affiliated bar at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

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Nowhere In Particular Brewing brews nowhere in particular

Fri, 01/23/2015 - 1:41pm

He doesn’t want you to know his name.

He’d rather not have his photo taken.

He just wants you to drink his beer.

Charlie Navillus — his brewing pseudonym — is all about a little mystery.

See, Navillus, a bearded fellow, is a gypsy brewer along the lines of Evil Twin and Mikkeller.

He rents excess space at breweries, traveling from one operation to another pumping out a one-off beer here and one-off beer there.

His Nowhere In Particular Brewing Co. calls nowhere in particular home.

And he’s quite happy with that vagabond brewing life.

“It’s innately how I am anyway,” the 32-year-old Cincinnati native and current Dayton resident says. “I’m a vagrant. I always have been. I’ve been all around the world and I’ve traveled everywhere. It almost makes sense for my persona to do it.”

Nowhere In Particular — as far as anybody knows — is the lone gypsy brewery in Ohio.

Navillus, whose real name is Pat Sullivan, sat down with the Akron Beacon Journal earlier this month at Toxic Brew Co. in Dayton to talk about his venture. He happens to be the head brewer at Toxic Brew, where he makes beer under his real name.

Confused? Don’t be.

Sullivan invented Charlie Navillus — Charlie is his middle name and Navillus is Sullivan spelled backward — just like an author might pen a book under a different name. He reluctantly agreed to shine a little light on himself and reveal his true identity for this story.

Nowhere In Particular is a side project, but one that’s gaining ground. He has a logo and a tap handle — both featuring a skeleton head — and his beers are showing up at select places around the state.

“It’s kind of caught on a little quicker than I thought it would,” Navillus says, a Toxic Brew in his hand. “I was just doing it on the side. ‘Ehh, this’d be fun and I know people who’d let me do it.’ ... Now it’s becoming something really big and I actually have to focus on it and pay attention.”

Nowhere In Particular works like this: Navillus rents a brewery, using its equipment and ingredients. He pops in whenever the brewing equipment isn’t being used. If that’s midnight, so be it.

“Just like a farmer rents land to grow his crop, I basically rent the brewery,” Navillus says.

He designs the beer — never the same beer twice and the more unusual, the better — and brews it. Then, the beer ferments there; wherever there is.

Premium Beverage Supply distributes it.

The beer has been available on draft only, but there are plans to move into bottles.
You can keep up with the brewery and its availability on its Facebook page: www.facebook.com/nowhereinparticularbrewco. Navillus says you can always find one on draft at the Trolley Stop in downtown Dayton.

Speaking of Dayton, the community has been making quite a name for itself nationally when it comes to beer. The area features two national firsts: Carillon Brewing Co., which is making beer using methods and recipes from the 1850s; and Pinups and Pints, a strip club brewery.

Now there’s Nowhere In Particular, one of the few gypsy breweries in the country.

Some breweries don’t want it known they’ve turned the keys over to a gypsy brewer. But Navillus revealed one place: Rivertown Brewing Co. in Cincinnati. He also had plans to brew in Detroit.

He has made an English barley wine, Russian imperial stout and IPA. The next beer will be a Double Rice IPA, and then he’s going to move into sours.

His beers are potent. He doesn’t want to brew a beer under 8 percent alcohol by volume.

The brewery’s slogan is: “Life’s not a waste if you’re wasted all the time.” Good luck getting that past the federal government and onto a beer label.

Navillus embraces the gypsy concept, saying he loves working on and learning about different brewing systems.

Mikkeller and Evil Twin, perhaps the most well-known gypsy brewers, served as his inspiration. He figured if they could do it, so could he.

Asked if gypsy brewing is profitable, Navillus shrugs.

“It’s a few bucks in your pocket,” he says. “It’s more for the fun of it and the love of it.”

Navillus has an interesting backstory. Born in Cincinnati, he grew up in Colorado. He says he became a professional extreme skier and traveled around the world. He also hooked up with a famous European musician — the name would be unknown to Americans — and traveled some more.

Australia, Europe, Asia, South America: He’s been there.

His boss at Toxic Brew, Shane Juhl, is supportive of his moonlighting.

Juhl has even accompanied Navillus on some of the brewing trips and considers it positive publicity for his place.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” he says.

As for his alias, Navillus says he created the pseudonym because he would prefer to stay in the shadows.

“I didn’t want anybody to know who I was,” he says. “I just want to put out great beer. I never wanted to make a giant thing about it. But I guess it seems to be catching on a little bit more than I thought it would, and I find myself having to brew more beer and get a little bigger. Now I actually have to make a company out of it, which I’m avoiding.”

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Ohio Craft Brewers releases beer list for Winter Warmer

Fri, 01/23/2015 - 8:32am

The Ohio Craft Brewers Association has released a preliminary -- and impressive -- beer list for its popular Winter Warmer Fest in downtown Cleveland. The ninth annual event, set for 2 to 6 p.m. March 7 at Windows on the River, will feature about 40 Ohio craft breweries.

Here’s the brewery and beer rundown so far:

• Actual: Fat Julian, Photon, Resistor and Conductor.

• Black Box: Streaking Through the Quad, My Asis Dragon, Triple Cherry Delight, Yule Tide and Plumbers Crack.

• The Brew Kettle: Jackhammer and Oak Barrel Aged Tripel.

• Brick and Barrel: To be determined.

• Buckeye: To be determined.

• Butcher and the Brewer: Quad Workout Belgian Style Dark Strong Ale and Bourbon Barrel Aged Tropical Stout.

• Canton: Saison Étrange Chêne, Saison Étrange Frais, Weeee!, Carpe Noctem, Porter and two versions of its IPA.

• Catawba Island: Hot Blonde, Seiche Scottish Ale, Double Couple 3 and a pin of that-which-cannot-yet-be-named.

• Cellar Rats: Pipers IPA and Bourbon Abby.

• Christian Moerlein: Emancipator Doppelbock and Red Hop Mess Red IPA.

• Columbus: To be determined.

• Cornerstone: To be determined.

• Elevator: Winter Warmer Spiced Ale, Horny Goat Barrel-Aged Porter and other to be determined.

• Fat Head’s: To be determined.

• Four String: Vanilla Porter and to be determined.

• Gordon Biersch: To be determined.

• Homestead: Galactic Heroes IPA, Tenpenny Amber Ale, 1805 IPA and Barnraiser Pale Ale.

• Hoppin’ Frog: Gangster Frog IPA, Hop Heather Imperial Black IPA, BORIS The Crusher Oatmeal-Imperial Stout, Barrel-Aged BORIS The Crusher Stout, Karminator Imperial Doppelbock, Barrel-Aged Turbo Shandy Citrus Ale and King Gose Home Imperial Gose Ale.

• JAFB Wooster: Imperial Stout, Barrel Aged Abbey Quad and Abbey Tripel.

• Jackie O’s: To be determined.

• Land-Grant: Beard Crumbs, Misconduct and 1862 Ale.

• Little Mountain:: To be determined.

• Main Street Grille: To be determined.

• Market Garden: Illuminator Doppelbock, Irishman’s Enforcer Imperial Stout, Trouble Honey IPA and Pearl Street Wheat.

• Millersburg: Doc’s Scotch Ale and Major Holmes Double IPA.

• North High: Extreme IPA and Milk Stout.

• Phoenix: Surly Gnome and Black Aggie.

• Platform: Hubris, Ole Wanker Pale Ale and New Albion.

• Portside: Mayo Irish Red Ale, Rusalka Vanilla Stout and Ironclad IPA.

• Rocky River: Old Man River and Coopers Kolsch.

• Seventh Son: To be determined.

• Thirsty Dog: Brux Porter, Old Choco, Hop Style Takeover, Bourbon Barrel Aged Wulver Wee Heavy, Cognac Barrel Aged and Coconut Rum Porter.

• Warped Wing: To be determined.

• Weasel Boy: Snow Erming Holiday Ale and Cabernet Barrel Aged Anastasia Russian Imperial Stout.

• Willoughby: Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter, Pale Ale, Cosmic IPA and Nut Smasher Imperial Stout.

• Wolf’s Ridge: St. Francis Quad, Dire Wolf-One Line, Driftwood Citrus Surg and Sustinator Doppelbock.

• Yellow Springs: Captain Stardust Saison and Barrel Aged Maxxdout Stout.

• Zaftig: BIG Barley Wine, IBS and 3 Socks DIPA.

Tickets for VIP early entrance at 1 p.m. are available for $75 and include an “Enthusiast Membership” in the Ohio Craft Brewers Association and a Drink Beer Made Here T-shirt. General admission tickets are $45 and include a souvenir glass and 20 tasting tickets for four-ounce samples.

For more details or to buy tickets, click here.

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Beer story sampler

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 1:18pm

Here are some interesting beer stories:

-- The Cincinnati Business Courier reports on Blank Slate Brewing teaming up with The Bonbonerie to create Opera Cream Stout, which is made with the bakery's cream-flavored coffee. "It was the first coffee bean I wasn't disgusted with," brewer/owner Scott LaFollette says. To read the full story, click here.

-- The Cincinnati Business Courier profiles the new Fibonacci Brewing Co., which is named after a famous mathematician. "The reason we chose Fibonacci is because my husband went to college for computer science and minored in mathematics," co-owner Betty Bollas says. To read the full story, click here.

-- Queen City Drinks offers up some tips for drinking craft beer on a budget. Tom Aguero's recommendations include not always chasing rare beers. To read the full story, click here.

-- The Brew Professor offers up "Seven Weird and Misguided Ohio Beer Laws." They include banning Santa Claus from advertising. To read the full list, click here.

-- The Star-Ledger newspaper heaps praise on Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. "Overall, Great Lakes’ Edmund Fitzgerald Porter is world-class, a perfect example of a modern American porter," author Chris Morris writes in his review. To read the full story, click here.

-- PorchDrinking.com has put together a list of brewery calendar releases. The list includes Avery, Goose Island, Dogfish Head and plenty of others. To view the calendars, click here.

-- The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reports on a homebrewer who has made a beer with purified Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District wastewater plant effluent. "I wanted to get people talking," Theera Ratarasarn says. "There's a potential use for what we discharge into lakes and streams." To read the full story, click here.

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New brewer takes over at Canton Brewing

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 8:15am

Canton Brewing Co. has a new head brewer just a month after making its debut.

John McGroarty, who previously worked at Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. in Akron and Karbach Brewing Co. in Houston, took over the reins last week.

“I have a huge passion for making flavorful beers,” said McGroarty, who grew up in Akron and graduated from the University of Akron with a degree in corporate finance. “This’ll be a huge opportunity for me to delve into some of the different styles that I’ve brewed at other places.”

He replaces Dave Sutula, who was setting up the brewpub in downtown Canton. But Sutula and owner Dave Beule, chief executive officer of Appalachian Basin CPAs, apparently didn’t get along. Beule couldn’t be reached for comment.

Sutula said there were some financial issues with the business, he’s not bitter about not being there anymore and he “has some other irons in the fire.” He described the 27-year-old McGroarty as a talented brewer.

Canton Brewing was set up to be a 15-barrel production brewery and restaurant, with a goal of opening Dec. 13. The brewery started distributing its beers around town that day, but the restaurant hasn’t opened yet. Its debut has been pushed back until at least April, McGroarty said.

A speakeasy in the basement of the building should open in February, giving people a chance to drink beers right at the brewery, he said.

McGroarty expects there will be eight to 12 beers available on draft when the speakeasy opens, and he’s excited about the creative freedom he’ll have with the tasting room.

While Sutula’s specialty was brewing English-style beers and his focus was going to be pre-Prohibition brews, McGroarty has a background more in German styles. He said he’s working on a kolsch now and people can expect an American pale ale, dunkelweizen and imperial stout.

McGroarty also enjoys barrel-aged brews and said he was moving a wee heavy ale into barrels now. But he added that many of his beers will be in the 4 to 6 percent alcohol range.

Asked if beer drinkers should know anything else about him, McGroarty, who also previously worked as a staff accountant, replied with a laugh: “I’m not really too interesting. It’s sad but true.”

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Beer story sampler

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 1:12pm

Here are some interesting beer stories:

-- The Northeast Ohio Media Group reports that the Cleveland Winter Beerfest attracted 8,500 beer drinkers. To read the full story, click here.

-- The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Braxton Brewing Co. has chosen Stagnaro Distributing to handle its beer in Kentucky and Ohio. "Choosing a distributor is hands-down one of the most important decisions we'll make as a company," Braxton CEO Jake Rouse says. To read the full story, click here.

-- The Worthington News reports that Land-Grant, Homestead and Actual breweries will participate in the Worthington Educational Foundation's fourth annual Evening in Support of Excellence on Jan. 31. To read the full story, click here.

-- Bloomberg reports that Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman is now a billionaire. “It’s been a pretty phenomenal last 30 years for the American craft beer industry,” he says. To read the full story, click here.

-- Reuters reports how big national brewers are struggling to fit in with the craft beer craze. "While the majors still make three-quarters of all beer drunk in the United States they face a continued decline of market share," the wire service says. "Their efforts in the last few years to push into richer flavoured craft beer, which can easily sell at a 50 percent premium to standard lager, is failing to compensate." To read the full story, click here.

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Bockfest to host Beefsteak Club Dinner fundraiser

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 8:14am

The Beefsteak Club Dinner -- a fundraiser that supports Bockfest -- is set for 6:30 p.m. Jan. 31 at the Hudepohl Brewery bottling building on East McMicken in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhoood.

The event will feature live music, tours of the building, food by Arnold's Bar & Grill, Christian Moerlein beer and the unveiling of this year's Bockfest artwork by Jim Effler.

"As the name suggests, the event includes dinner, but the experience does not involve steak," the Bockfest website says. "In the spring of 1896, the Windisch-Muhlhauser Brewery hosted some of the most prominent Cincinnatians. Guests enjoyed an elegant meal with beer pairings in the unlikely ambiance of the brewery. Cincinnati’s political and social elite enjoyed the experience so much that it became a regular occurrence, and the standard guest list called themselves members of the Beefsteak Club. We carry on this tradition to help support Bockfest, the most unique and fun neighborhood festival in the region."

Tickets are $50. All proceeds go to supporting Bockfest and the Bockfest Parade. For more details, click here.

Bockfest, by the way, is set for March 6-8.

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Market Garden to release Irishman's Enforcer Imperial Stout

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 2:02pm

Market Garden Brewery in Cleveland will release its seasonal The Irishman's Enforcer Imperial Stout on draft and in a limited number of bottles starting at 4 p.m. Wednesday. (Jan. 21)

The beer is a hearty 9.5 percent alcohol by volume.

"The Irishman's Enforcer is luscious and indulgent," the brewery said in a news release. "A sipping beer that offers plenty of warmth and satisfying malty richness but clears the palate quickly. A perfect fireplace beer for mid winter contemplation."

Market Garden will have 100 bottles available for $13.50 each. The brewery also plans to release a barrel-aged version close to St. Patrick's Day.

Meanwhile, the Bier Markt -- a sister location of Market Garden located across the street -- will tap a keg of North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout on nitro at 4:30 p.m. Thursday (Jan. 22) to celebrate Rasputin's birthday.

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Fat Head's, Brew Kettle IPAs recognized

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 11:02am

The website Thrillist asked 10 well-known brewmasters to name their favorite IPAs and wouldn't you know it, a couple of them are from Ohio. (Well, if you know anything about IPAs, you should know it.)

Stone brewer Mitch Steele named Fat Head's Head Hunter IPA, while Great Divide's Ethan Osborne chose The Brew Kettle's White Rajah.

To read the full story, click here.

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BrewFest Wooster set for Saturday

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 9:32am

The 2015 BrewFest Wooster, which benefits the Wayne Center for the Arts, is set for 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday (Jan. 24) at the Wooster Hospitality Transit in Wooster.

The event will feature beer from JAFB Wooster, Breckenridge, Great Lakes, Founders, Millersburg, Southern Tier and Thirsty Dog. The tasting also will include food from the Wooster Inn and live music by Reddy Freddy.

Tickets are $40 in advance or $50 at the door. For more details, click here.

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Beer story sampler

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 8:10am

Here are some interesting beer stories:

-- Kentwired.com profiles Kent State University professor Elizabeth Herndon who set a world record at the Beer Mile world championship, which involves chugging beer and running. "I’ve had far more people congratulate me on this than any other race I’ve done,” she says. To read the full story, click here.

-- The Northest Ohio Media Group profiles Butcher and the Brewer brewer Eric Anderson and highlights his creativity. "So many good brewers in this town," he says. "Everyone is flexing their creative muscles." To read the full story, click here.

-- The Northeast Ohio Media Group reports on a new brewery planned for Westlake. Kennedy Craft Beer hopes to open in about a year. To read the full story, click here.

-- Columbus Crave reports on the new Temperance Row Brewing Co. “Everything we do here is kind of reserved,” owner Tony Cabilovski says. “We’re a little more traditional, which is maybe the trend now. We definitely don’t want to beat anyone up with hops.” To read the full story, click here.

-- The Artful Pint offers up a list of "6 Ohio Craft Beer Bloggers You Need to Know Now." "The Ohio craft beer blogging community is full of passionate folks all of whom love great beer and telling others about it," Bob Lesher writes. "I’ve decided to put together my list of what I consider to be some of the best." The list includes Queen City Drinks and the Brew Professor. To read the full rundown, click here.

-- The Express reports on a Harvard Medical Center study that concluded that having an alcoholic drink a day could fight heart disease. "No level of alcohol intake was associated with a higher risk of heart failure," lead researcher Scott Solomon says. "However, heavy alcohol use is certainly a risk factor for deaths from any cause." To read the full story, click here.

-- The Albany Times-Union offers up its list of the "Top 10 Most Annoying Beer-related Terms." They include session and overuse of the word "dog." To read the full story, click here.

-- Michigan Live reports on Bell's Brewery celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with a big party. "We're finalizing the brewery list now, but it was decided early on, that every brewery in the immediate Kalamazoo area would be invited," spokeswoman Lauren Bell says. To read the full story, click here.

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MadTree plans Winter Bonanza

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 2:20pm

MadTree Brewing Co. will celebrate its second anniversary this month with a major party featuring more than 60 beers, food trucks, live music and plenty of guest brewers. The Cincinnati production brewery and taproom will host Winter Bonanza from noon to midnight Jan. 31.

"Before moving to the production facility, we hosted an annual celebration in our backyards with friends over big, delicious, and warming craft beers," MadTree said in a news release issued Monday. (Jan. 19) "Once again we want to share the Winter Bonanza with everyone! We had a blast last year and were blessed by beautiful weather, so we'll see what this year brings. Now we have a big new warehouse and a taproom to host the party, so even if the weather doesn’t cooperate you will be warm, dry and have lots of beer choices."

The brewery is promising more than 60 unique beers available throughout the day from MadTree and other brewers such as Jackie O's, Fat Head's, Yellow Springs, Warped Wing, Rivertown, Seventh Son, Blank Slate, West Sixth, Rhinegeist, Land-Grant and Bad Tom Smith.

The following MadTree brands will be served: Lift, PsycHOPathy, Happy Amber, Gnarly Brown, Identity Crisis, BlackTart, Pilsner, Unhappy Amber, Thundersnow, Galaxy High, Experimental Pale Ale, Vernal Beckoning, Boysen Dunc, Fünke Blue, Sprye, Lemon Basil Blonde, Pilgrim, Black Forest, PumpCan, Rubus Cacao, Gnappy (Pappy Van Winkle Gnarly Brown), Bourbon Barrel Aged Axis Mundi, Axis Mundi, Vanilla Axis Mundi, Coffee Axis Mundi, Belgo Axis Mundi, Bourbon Barrel Aged Thundersnow, Bourbon Barrel Aged Ye Olde Battering Ram, Bourbon Barrel Aged Happy Amber, Bourbon Barrel Aged Gnarly Brown, and MadTree Dreamsicle.

Food trucks Catch-A-Fire Pizza, C’est Cheese, Zombie Dogz and Red Sesame will be serving food; and the following bands are scheduled to perform: Cody Martin (12:30 p.m.), Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle (2:30 p.m.), 46 Long (4:30 p.m.), The Comet Bluegrass AllStars (6:30 p.m.), The Tillers (8:30 p.m.) and The Cincy Brass (10:30 p.m.).

The event is free to attend. You just pay for the beer you drink.

The Winter Bonanza will support local charities. A percentage of sales will go to the Cincinnati ToolBank, CityLink Center, Green Umbrella and Starfire.

The brewery said it will provide an updated beer list and band times on its web page and Facebook page.

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Rocksino to hold all Ohio beer dinner

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 9:31am

The Hard Rock Rocksino at Northfield Park in Northfield will host a five-course beer dinner featuring all Ohio brews at 8 p.m. Tuesday (Jan. 20). It's the first beer dinner for the racino.

The event will pair Elevator Bleeding Buckeye Red Ale with a sausage sampler; Columbus IPA with beer cheese soup; Cellar Rats Rat Tail Ale with Fuji arugula salad; Thirsty Dog Twisted Kilt Scottish Ale with smoked espresso-rubbed flank steak; and Rivertown Roebling with tuxedo bread pudding.

Tickets are $75. Reservations can be made by calling 330-908-7612 or emailing Rick.Wittkopp@hrrnp.com.

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D'Agneses to host Ommegang dinner

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 8:24am

D'Agneses at White Pond in Akron will host a five-course Valentine's Day Beer Dinner with Brewery Ommegang at 6 p.m. Feb. 11.

The dinner will pair Witte with Belgian endive cups; Rare Vos with mussels; Spiced Saison with Belgian stew; Three Philosophers with braised beef cheeks; and Chocolate Indulgence with a waffle.

Tickets are $40, plus tax and tip. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 234-678-3612.

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Beer story sampler

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 10:35am

Here are some interesting beer stories:

-- There are a few Ohio breweries included among the Daily Meal's list of the 50 Best Craft Breweries in America. Great Lakes Brewing Co. pops in at No. 29. Jackie O's Pub & Brewery in Athens comes in at No. 46, while Fat Head's Brewery in Middleburg Heights is No. 45. Founders is No. 1. To see the full list, click here.

-- Boulder Weekly reports on Oskar Blues' collaborative spirit. Its latest brew was made with Cincinnati's Blank Slate Brewing Co. The beer features chili spices. To read the full story, click here.

-- The Dayton Daily News reports on the growing craft beer market in downtown Dayton. “We have a critical mass that is now bringing attention to us,” Toxic Brew Co. owner Shane Juhl says. “This will make us more of a destination spot.” To read the full story, click here.

-- WCPO reports on Nine Giant Brewing Co., a new operation that will open in Cincinnati. “We don’t want to pin ourselves into one specific style of brewing,” co-owner Brandon Hughes says. “We definitely have things that we like. There’s a certain trend of beers getting extreme on one end or the other and we want to have more balanced beers.” To read the full story, click here.

-- Drink Up Columbus reports that the Wolf's Ridge Brewing Co. tasting room will open Jan. 23. "Wolf’s Ridge brews will be flowing for half-off during the Grand Opening weekend, including a special new, secret beer called Taproom X," the site says. To read the full story, click here.

-- CNNMoney reports that MillerCoors will release a gluten-free beer in February. Coors Peak will be available only in Seattle and Portland at first. To read the full story, click here.

-- The website Gayot recommends the "Top 10 Winter Beers." They include Brooklyn Winter Ale, Ommegang Abbey Ale, and 21st Amendment Fireside Chat. To read the full story, click here.

-- WSAZ in Huntington, W.Va., reports that Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin wants to ease restrictions on craft brewers and distributors. "We must encourage the same innovation we ask of all of those in our state and allow our state's entrepreneurs to put their skills to work without the burden of unnecessary state restrictions," he says. "That's why tonight I am proposing legislation to give our craft brewers increased opportunities to succeed as part of our state's growing craft beer industry." To read the full story, click here.

-- The Orlando Sentinel reports about how the growth in the craft beer industry is spurring the popularity of homebrewing. “What’s happened is that more restaurants are now offering craft beers — besides the Budweisers and the Miller Lites — and people will taste these craft beers and ask: ‘Wow, can I brew something like this at home?’” says Gary Holmes, co-owner of the Sanford Homebrew Shop. “And that’s where we help them.” To read the full story, click here.

-- The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Southwest Airlines is now offering Leinenkugel seasonal beers on its flights. "We're always striving to improve our customer experience onboard, and the addition of these two beers gives our customers unique options while on our flights," Mike Hafner, Southwest Airlines vice president of cabin services, says. To read the full story, click here.

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Conde Nast says Cleveland is one of "America's Best Beer Cities"

Fri, 01/16/2015 - 2:26pm

Conde Nast Traveler has identified Cleveland as one of "America's Best Beer Cities."

"The freshest flavors and most creative styles pour in places like Cleveland, home to super-small-batch start-ups such as Platform (try their Anathema series, aged in local cider barrels), Nano and Market Garden," author William Bostwick writes.

To see the rest of the cities, click here.

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