HBOY is now HOBS, or Homebrewer of the Season

The format has been changed this year to increase participation and allow more people to enter beers. Members of SAAZ brew a lot of beer, but its not always to a particular style, or a style that followed the HBOY schedule. By changing the format, more members will be able to try more brews from other members. This will hopefully lead to more interaction and feedback, which can be more helpful than a scoresheet.

Here's how it works:
We will be having 4 judging's... One per season. We are starting with fall on Nov 11th, then winter (January meeting), spring (march) and summer (May).

The rules are:
1. Beer must be appropriate for the season (open for interpretation ).
2. You can enter more than 1 beer.
3. Please bring enough beer for all in attendance at the meeting to get a small sample. Can be in a growler, keg, a few 12 oz bottles, etc.
4. You can not enter the same beer more than once per SAAZ year (sept - June)
5. All participants are given a vote to use towards their favorite beer.
6. The beer with the most votes wins. We plan on having 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.

With this new format, you will have 2 months to brew your seasonal beers, which we can talk about at the meeting if you have questions on a recipe or technique or a style of beer.

We hope you will find this new format enjoyable.