The recipe for Hellian a Munich Helles and Corny( Cornhead) Am Std Lager

I was asked by the SODZ for this recipe which won BoS at the Beer 4 Boobs recently and Jay Wince has the recipe. We are working on details so he can start brewing it for Weasel Boy and the 2014 GABF Pro-Am. The first batch should be brewed in the next couple of weeks.
So I should share it with you as well. A couple of things to remember, you need to know how your brewing system brews, and patience.

I have also attached the Corny recipe, which was brewed as Cornhead at FatHeads for the 2012 GABF. BoS Son Of Brewzilla 2011. This beer when brewed correct will score very high and is one of best session beers you will ever have.