September Meeting Notes - 9/2/14

•No new members or new guests present.
VP Report - Joe Dierksheide
•Cider pressing –Last year was Oct. 19, Adam Reinhart described the process and what was involved. This year Lou Laird has graciously volunteered to host the 2014 SAAZ Cider Pressing at his house in Alliance (same location as last year for those who attended) on October 25, 2014. Please email Lou to place your order and for more details,
General Discussion
•Reminder of membership renewal
•Summer pub crawl went very well. Denny updated group on several of the stops and shared a bottle of brew from Rockmill Brewery that he purchased on the crawl.
•Summer Party at Nate Levengood’s house was a huge success. Denny and the Dixie Band performed live for the group. Great food, stein beer brewing, swimming, homebrew sharing. Good time had by all.
•Son of Brewzilla - Registration opened July 17, 2014 and will close September 19, 2014. Competition Date September 27 at the Fatheads Production Brewery. Volunteer for judging or stewarding via the online competition website. Less than 50 entries left till 600 entry cut-off.
•Octobers Tech Talk will be about brewing to style.
Events – Chris Gaul
•SAAZ Night Out – September Location
•Christmas Party – Should be held at the Church so that homebrew can be shared. Was noted it should be held in early December to avoid schedule conflicts.
HBOY - Chris Surak
•The new format of HBOY will be changed this year to increase participation and allow more people to enter beers. November will be the first entry month and the theme will be fall beers. Awards for first second and third will be handed out at the conclusion of that meeting. Subsequent months will be January (Winter Beers), March (Spring Beers) and May (Summer Beers). Each month the first second and third place winners will be awarded prizes. In light of this new format HBOY (Home Brewer of the Year) will now be HBOS (Home Brewer of the Season). Placing will be based on public opinion. Everyone who attends the meeting will have one vote. Participants are encouraged to bring at least a growler full of beer (or bottle volume equivalent) to ensure proper tasting distribution.
Newsletter – Brent Kovacs
•Article Ideas:
Tech, new gadget someone invented for brewing, Travel stories (GABF, beer festival, international, etc.), Hop variety identification research, NHC Stories, Recipes to share, etc.
Please submit all article to Brent no later than October 21, 2014.
Food Coordinator – Denny Smith
•Sign up with Denny to bring food to the meetings. We need you help to continue to have great food to pair with our clubs great homebrews.
•Big round of applause and thank you to Denny for hosting this month’s meeting for his annual corn roast. Killer sloppy joes, homemade salsa, fresh peppers, etc.
Webmaster – Jeff Valore
•Plans to make some changes to the website to provide a more user friendly interface and freshen up the look of the site. Won’t be easy but he is up for the task.
•Will add Competition Coordinator – Lou Laird to sites Officers List.
Open Items
•Christmas Party Date
•Wizard of SAAZ Competition Date
Next Meeting – October 14th at 7:00pm at Saint Thomas Eastern Orthodox Church