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As there are too many spam accounts being created we are only allowing new accounts to be made by request. 
If you are interested in joining our club you MUST send an email via the Contact Link providing contact info and your email address you prefer to use.  Membership dues are $15 for single $25 couple and renew every September.  Meetings run from September through June, HBOY competitions run September - May, and SAAZ Nights Out are usually the third Tuesday of every month.

Recipe from Meeting Feb 14 2017

I have attached the Thai Coconut Ginger Faux Chicken ( Vegan) Chowder recipe from last night's meeting.
I would give you the Cheesy Ham Potato Jicama Chowder recipe, but you could be deported( and we will not be getting any more Jicama imported in when the wall is built) Just a joke ! I Hope!

I will post the recipe if wanted along with the "I threw on myself Cream of Mushroom Soup". Had to see the crock pot to understand the name.

Tech Talk: Grist

Attached is a PDF of Rich's grist analysys tech talk.

Tech Talk: Yeast

Attached is the presentation from Rich Tomazin's October Tech Talk.

Wizard of SAAZ 2016

The 2016 Wizard of SAAZ competition will use the 2016 NHC style categories.
Download the NHC categories (.pdf)

September Meeting Notes - 9/2/14

•No new members or new guests present.
VP Report - Joe Dierksheide
•Cider pressing –Last year was Oct. 19, Adam Reinhart described the process and what was involved. This year Lou Laird has graciously volunteered to host the 2014 SAAZ Cider Pressing at his house in Alliance (same location as last year for those who attended) on October 25, 2014. Please email Lou to place your order and for more details, lairdle@neo.rr.com.
General Discussion
•Reminder of membership renewal

Water Chemistry By Steve Amey

Here is Steve's water chemistry presentation from the January 2014 Tech Talk.

( Steve says John Palmer and Colin Kaminski tables should not be copied. This information is borrowed and they are due full credit)

Also, I have been able to secure an ATC pH pen from my employer. I also have buffer.
If you would like to borrow the pH pen to check your water, brewing water, mash, sparge water, or wort. Please contact me, the PH pen is very accurate when calibrated. It will be loaned on a as needed basis. Larry

Tech Talk Dec 2013 Hops Use for BJCP study guide as well

Use for BJCP study guide as well BJCP Online or written test

The recipe for Hellian a Munich Helles and Corny( Cornhead) Am Std Lager

I was asked by the SODZ for this recipe which won BoS at the Beer 4 Boobs recently and Jay Wince has the recipe. We are working on details so he can start brewing it for Weasel Boy and the 2014 GABF Pro-Am. The first batch should be brewed in the next couple of weeks.
So I should share it with you as well. A couple of things to remember, you need to know how your brewing system brews, and patience.

Cider Perry and other Fermented Apple drinks

See the attached Oct 2013 Tech Talk Presentation

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